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This tone model bundle is a collection of tones based off a hand wired Lerxst Omega amplifier.


This bundle is a set of captures based off my favorite settings on the amp meticulously captured through a matched Lerxst Omega 2x12 cab with MojoTone loaded speaker cab and captured amp only (DI).


This bundles tones model an array of different gain and channel settings. The bundle includes 7 amp/cab tone models (amp > mic > mic pre) all at various gain levels and settings through the previously mentioned speaker. This collection also includes 7 amp only DI tone models so you can mix and match with different speakers/IRs. The amp only presets also include a baked in custom IR of the same cab as the amp/cab tone models. To use a different speaker/IR simply switch out the cab block. The naming convention for the tone presets are, for example, as follows:


JS –Life Child Ult xxxx x


The “xxxx” signifies the overall level of gain in the tone model from Clean to Push to OD. The single “x” signifies the level gain within the previous mentioned overall level of gain.


The tone models were recorded with a Royer R10 ribbon mic into a Cranborne Camden 500 preamp.


Feel free to use these captures and presets as starting points to dial in your own tones or use them as dialed in by default.

IK Multimedia Tonex - Life Child Ultimate and DI Tone Models


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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