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This profile bundle is a collection of tones based off of a Bogner Ecstasy Red OD Pedal into the clean channel of a Revv Generator 100R MKIII tube amplifier. While the first set of captures of this pedal were DI captures, this bundle is an all new set of captures based off of my favorite settings on the pedal, mic’ed with a Cascade Fathead ribbon microphone and another set of captures mic’ed with a Lewitt Audio MTP 440 DM microphone for a vast array of tonal possibilities.

This bundles tone models model an array of different gain settings. The bundle includes 12 complex tone models (pedal > amp head > speaker cab > mic > mic pre) all at various gain levels and mode settings. The naming convention for the tone presets are, for example, as follows:

The letter “G” refers to the gain level and the number following it is the amount of gain in that model with “1” being lowest amount of gain and “3” being the highest. The “+” or “-“ refers to the gain mode of the pedal with “-“ being lower gain and “+” being higher gain. The “FH” stands for Fathead mic and the “MTP” stands for the Lewitt Audio dynamic mic.

These tone models were captured with the Ecstasy Red pedal played through a Revv Generator 100R MKIII amplifier on it’s cleanest setting. The Cascade Fathead and Lewitt audio microphones used were recorded into a Warm Audio WA-273 Neve style mic-pre/eq.

Feel free to use these captures and presets as starting points to dial in your own tones or use them as dialed in by default.

IK Multimedia TONEX - Xstasy Red Vol. 2 Preset Bundle


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