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This tone model collection is a collection of amp/cab and direct tone models based off a handwired Marshall 1974 x amplifier. This bundle is a set of tone models based off various settings on the amp meticulously captured through the combos 1x12 Celestion Heritage G12M-20 ‘Aged’ Greenback loaded speaker cabinet mic’ed with a Royer R10 ribbon mic.


This collections tones profile an array of different gain settings and input settings. The collection includes 7 amp/cab tone models with amp and cab all at various gain levels. It also contains 7 DI tone models. The DI tone models will need to have a a speaker cab of your choice added for them to sound correct.


The naming convention for the tone models are, for example, as follows:


JS – Mars 74x Ult (Clean/Push) x (i or ii)


The naming “Clean” and “Push” signifies the overall gain level. The single “x” number signifies the level of gain within the previously mentioned overall gain level. If the name contains an “i” or an “ii” it signifies the input that was used. If the name contains “DI” it is a Direct tone model.


  • Clean – Amp set to a clean tone.
  • Push 1 – Amp set to an edge of breakup tone on either the i or ii input.
  • Push 2 – Amp set to a higher gain level compared to Push 1 on either the i or i input.
  • Push 3 – Amp set to a higher gain level compared to Push 2 on either the i or ii input.


Feel free to use these tone models as starting points to dial in your own tones or use them as dialed in by default.

IK Multimedia Tonex - Mars 74x Ultimate and DI Tone Models


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