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This tone model collection is a collection of amp/cab tone models based off a Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee amplifier. This bundle is a set of tone models based off various settings on the amp meticulously captured through an incredible 1x12 Celestion Heritage G12M-20 ‘Aged’ Greenback loaded speaker cabinet mic’ed with a Royer R10 ribbon mic.


This collections tones profile an array of different gain settings. The collection includes 6 amp/cab tone models with amp at various gain levels.


The naming convention for the tone models are, for example, as follows:


JS – Aged Grn Silver Joob (Clean/Push/OD) x


The naming “Clean”, “Push” and “OD” signifies the overall gain level. The single “x” number signifies the level of gain within the previously mentioned overall gain level.


  • Clean – Amp set to a clean tone.
  • Push 1 – Amp set to an edge of breakup tone.
  • OD 1 – Amp set to a higher gain level compared to Push 1.
  • OD 2 – Amp set to a very slightly higher gain level compared to OD 1.
  • OD 3 – Amp set to a slightly higher gain level compared to OD 2.
  • OD 4 – Amp set to a slightly highr gain level compared to OD 3.


From OD 1 to OD 4, within this set of tone models, there is a very gradual increase in gain in the interest of giving the player the choice of different real world amp settings. I feel you will find each of the “OD” tone models to have a different feel and slightly different voicing.


Feel free to use these tone models as a starting point to dial in your own tones or use them as dialed in by default.

IK Multimedia Tonex - Aged Green Silver Joob Ultimate Tone Models


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