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Here you can purchase all the existing Jason Sadites Amplitube 5 presets up to and including the latest Brit 8000 Ultimate for an approx. 30% discount over buying them separately. This package includes the following presets:


Brit 8000 Ultimate Presets

Modern Hi-Gain Ultimate

'57 Custom Twin Ultimate

Top Boost Ultimate

'59 Bassman Ultimate

Z-Maz Ultimate

E650 Ultimate

Brit 9000 Ultimate

SLD 100 Ultimate

SilverPlate 50 Ultimate

CaliTweed Ultimate

Dual Recti-Fryer Ultimate

Brit Silver Ultimate

'57 Deluxe Ultimate

Red Pig Ultimate

XTC Ultimate

Pink Taco Presets


To hear these presets please refer to the demo videos on the products page for each preset pack. Please also check for Amplitube license requirements for each preset. 

Amplitube 5 - Complete Preset Pack


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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