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This profile bundle is a collection of tones based off a Bogner Ecstasy Red Pedal into a clean channel tube amplifier. This pedal is a very versatile pedal that has many modes for a vast array of tones. The modes on the real pedal are as follows:


Variac On/Off:

When “On”, adds a “dropped voltage” dynamic compression to the feel and sound.

Pre EQ Switch:

B1: High frequency boost

N: Neutral tone with less attack

B2: Boosted mids and high frequencies

Gain Switch:

+: more aggressive gain

-: more classic gain voicing


This bundle painstakingly models a vast array of different settings. The bundle includes 36 tone models all with subtle to wildly different tones. The naming convention for the tone models and presets are, for example, as follows:


The “number” refers to level of gain in that model with “1” being lowest amount of gain and “3” being the highest.

The “+” or “-“ refers to which “Gain” mode was used on the pedal.

The “N”, “B1” or “B2” refers to which EQ mode was used.

And finally the “VOff” or “VOn” refers to which Variac modes was used.


This bundle also includes four custom IR’s for the possibility of even more variety from the tones. The tone models themselves were captured direct for the user to choose a speaker model to use with them. The included presets contain a custom IR and sound incredible right out of the box.


To hear these tones in action, please give the demo video above a look and listen. Thanks so much for tuning in!

IK Multimedia TONEX - Xstasy Red Ultimate Preset Bundle


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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