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(Please listen to the demo video above to hear these tones in action)


This tone model bundle is a collection of tones based off a Dr. Z Z Wreck Jr. tube amplifier. This bundle is a set of captures based off my favorite settings on the amp meticulously captured with a cab, dialed in to perfection AND also DIRECT without a speaker cab or microphone, this allows the end user to get a very accurate representation of the amp and the ability to add whatever speaker or impulse response suits them. This truly gives a “best of both worlds” situation for all users.


This bundles tone models model an array of different gain settings. The bundle includes 5 amp & cab tone models plus 5 direct tone all at various gain levels and settings. This bundle also includes 10 presets 5 of which will include the “baked in” cab and 5 direct presets with no cab (please be sure to add a cab or IR to the direct presets or the sound will not be as intended). The naming convention for the tone presets are, for example, as follows:


JS – Wrecked Z Ult x


The “x” in the above naming convention represents the following tone models:


  • 1 – Amp set to as clean as it can be.
  • 2 – This is a pushed to breakup amp tone depending on the guitar used.
  • 3 – This is a higher gain tone model in comparison to 2.
  • 4 – This is a higher gain tone model in comparison to 3.
  • 5 – This is the highest gain tone model the amp is capable of delivering.


There is also another naming convention used for the direct amp captures:


JS – Wrecked Z DI x


This denotes the direct tone model captures with no cab. The “x” represents gain level in the same way the above mentioned “Ult” captures utilize the numbers. Make sure to add a cab or IR to the DI captures or the tones will not sound as intended.


Feel free to use these captures and presets as starting points to dial in your own tones or use them as dialed in by default.

IK Multimedia Tonex - Wrecked Z Ultimate & Direct Bundle


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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