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Here is the latest release for the new IK Multimedia Tonex platform. This is a profile in the style of a Revv Generator 100 R amplifier and contains captures of all 3 channels with a bonus extra capture of the 3rd channel.  These tone models have been captured direct, in other words without the addition of a speaker cab. For these to sound acceptable, they will need to paired with an Impulse Response of your favorite speaker cabs or used with other Tonex cabs or Amplitube 5 cabs. For your convenience and enjoyment this bundle also includes the JS –Ravv 2x12 Impulse Response Bundle which contains IRs expertly shot using Jason's own Revv 2x12 cabinetwith Vintage 30 speakers.


This bundle includes the following tone models and IRs:


Tone Models

1. Ch. 1

2. Ch. 2

3. Ch. 2 Blue

4. Ch. 2 Red

5. Ch. 2+ (Higher Gain)

6. Ch. 3

7. Ch. 3 Blue

8. Ch. 3 Red


Impulse Responses

1. Ravv 2x12 Fathead

2. Ravv 2x12 Warm 251

3. Ravv 2x12 SM7B

4. Ravv 2x12 Warm 47jr

5. Ravv 2x12 Fathead/47jr

6. Ravv 2x12 Fathead/SM7B

7. Ravv 2x12 Warm 251/SM7B


To hear these tones in action, please give the demo video above a look and listen. Thanks so much for tuning in!

IK Multimedia TONEX - RAVV DI Ultimate Bundle


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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