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IMPORTANT: You must own licenses for Amplitube 5 (or Max), X-Vibe, X-Drive, X-Space & X-Time for these presets to work. The presets with no fx will work with just a license to Amplitube 5.


This bundle contains a vast array of the Marshall style amps in Amplitube 5. You can get them in this bundle for 20% off the price of buying the preset bundles individually. Presets included in this bundle are: 


Plexi Ultimate Presets

Brit 8000 Ultimate Presets

Brit 9000 Ultimate Presets

Brit Silver Ultimate Presets

Red Pig Ultimate Presets


You can hear how these presets sound in the videos above.


Amplitube 5 - British Classics Bundle


Build Your Own Bundle (Buy 5 Get 25% Off)

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