Following up his previous 4 releases, Jason Sadites has returned with his most ambitious and musically mature project to date! Featuring the absolutely draw dropping playing of Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani etc.) and Ric Fierabracci (Billy Cobham etc.), TALES strength lies it in it’s seemingly simple complexity, full of odd-time twists and turns with a purpose. The listener is treated to a musical journey that will have them discovering new elements with every listen. TALES is far from the stereotypical “prog” album, it truly has something for fans of all styles of music. From the poly-rhythmic grooves of ‘Red Herring’, to the hypnotic musical interplay of ‘Big Lie’, to the epic “heavy jazz” of ‘Demagogue’, TALES is destined to become a classic rock/fusion album!

Also available are full detailed guitar tab, bass tab and drum transcription packages including full jam backing tracks. See Jason’s official website for details.


“The music is awash with loud crunchy dissonant guitar distortion, poly-rhythmic interplay between guitar, bass, and some amazing drumming from Marco Minnemann. Jason Sadites guitar playing is a bit more jazzy or bluesy than Fripp but the tones and textures are in keeping with Fripp’s sonic pallet, with a focus on complexity and technique rather than the flashy light-speed arpeggios associated with most speed metal guitarist. There is a Fripp/Holdsworth flair to his guitar style. So to anyone in dire need of a Crimson fix grab a hold of Jason Sadites “Tales” and satisfy that inner craving. You won’t be disappointed.” – Prognaut.com

““Demagogue” would make Joe Satriani seem lika a banjo player with two strings….“Tales” therefore continuing the rise of a promising guitarist in tact insured and writing both complex and efficient.” – Music In Belgium

“With “Tales” Jason Sadites captured the pinnacle of instrumental rock and making it with a fat, contented and wide grin . Instrumental Rock fans should not be without this album.” – Babyblaue Prog Reviews

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