Instrumental guitar music focusing on infectious melodies, incredible tones, solid grooves and great arrangements with a generous portion of amazing chops.

“…if there’s any justice left in the guitar world, listeners will pick up on Sadites’ vibrant, pulsating guitar instrumental sound. On the surface Sadites reminds of players like Jeff Beck, Vai and Satriani although he’s still fresh and doesn’t play over heads…Sadites layers his multi-tracked guitar approach with an appealing sonic edge!” – Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine(Feb. ’06)

“…I was blown away a few times as he likes to dig into a raunchy, gritty bend…and then follow it up with some of the most pristine sounding shred riffs I’ve heard. In my opinion Jason Sadites has taken guitar styles of the past and made them fresh again with his own flavor. I would say he’s a good candidate for Best New Guitar Player.” – Jimmy Caterine, GuitarNoise.com (Feb. ’06)

“Fresh, vibrant and solidly inspired…Jason Sadites has released one hell of a debut instrumental disc. Believe me when I tell you this disc is bound to bring in accolades from the serious guitar community.” – John Emms, The Daily Press Rock Report (Dec. ’05)

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