Canadian born guitarist Jason Sadites began playing guitar at the age of ten. After spending many years studying music and the art of recording and production, Jason began writing, producing and recording his own music and the music of other local bands. Utilizing his experience as a guitarist, writer, producer and engineer, Jason entered the studio in 2004 to begin working on what would become his debut CD ‘ORBIT’, which was released in late 2005. ‘ORBIT’ received great reviews from many sources, complementing Jason not only his abilities on the guitar, but also on his melodic approach to songwriting.

In 2009 Jason released his second CD ‘WEVE‘. On the CD Jason performs with many world class musicians. Among them, world renowned drummers Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Jerry Marotta, Gregg Bissonette and Chad Wackerman. Completing the rhythm sections with these drummers are bassists Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette and Martin Motnik. The exciting new CD can be purchased through various online retailers by clicking here.

Following up on ‘WEVE‘ would be no simple task. Always open to great challenges Jason embarked on his most adventurous project to date, his interpretation of Marco Minnemann’s amazing Normalizer 2 project, which became the new CD “behind the laughter“. “laughter” is one of many releases in Marco Minnemann’s series of Normalizer 2 CD which includes CD’s from Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mike Keneally, John Czjakowski, Phi Yaan-Zek and Marco himself.

In 2012, Jason released his fourth studio album, once again featuring performances by some of the world’s best musicians. ‘Broken‘ featured incredible performances by the likes of Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Adam Nitti, Alex Machacek and Martin Motnik. ‘Broken‘ could be thought of as a continuation of ‘WEVE‘, solid instrumental rock/fusion tracks focusing on great writing based off odd time grooves and solid catchy melodies with a fair share of both ‘over the top’ and ‘tasty’ guitar playing.

Currently, Jason has just released his fifth studio album. This time focusing less on a vast array of musicians Jason settled on a trio setting featuring the incredible Marco Minnemann on drums and the equally amazing Ric Fierabracci on bass guitar. The album features some of Jason’s strongest writing and playing to date focusing heavily on many poly-rhythmic musical ideas woven into solid rock based fusion tracks. Jason’s guitar playing combined with the absolutely incredible performance of Ric and Marco make for a CD that fusion and music fans do not want to miss! You can buy the new CD ‘Tales‘ by clicking here!